“The future of any company lies in the
heads, hearts and hands of its workers.”

Dennis (DOC) O’Connor
President - DOCOM Consulting, LLC



DOCOM Consulting specializes in helping workers develop their employability skills portfolios.  Our training and communications programs focus on positively changing behaviors in an engaging, enthusiastic, exciting and educational way.   Our evaluation results constantly rate “Excellent” by at least 95% of our participants and clients.

Targeted Training
®,  a trademarked product developed by DOCOM Consulting, is supervisor-led courseware, packaged in multiple Single Point Lessons. It is designed to quickly - and effectively - focus on a specific business issue or problem that requires real-time impact to connect and change employee behavior.  The results?  In less than 3 years after DOCOM Consulting helped the Quality Department at Ford Motor Company launch an extensive Targeted Training® curriculum, Ford took that long, hard climb to the top of the J.D. Power Quality Rankings - ahead of Toyota.  Now, Ford sets the Quality standard in the automotive industry. 

EFFECTIVE TRAINING and BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS is more than just transferring information.  There’s simply too much of it out there.  Unless it cuts through the clutter and personally grabs us, we tend to tune out and shut down. 

DOCOM Consulting is aware of the critical need to move people to want to use the wealth of knowledge, information, skills and technology that is at their fingertips.  When done correctly, training and communications must CONNECT – not just with our heads, but also more directly with our hearts and emotions – so that we take it in our hands and actually use it to get the job done.



altWe specialize in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Associations

We offer expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety
  • Project Management
  • Quality/Process Improvement/Operational Efficiencies
  • Marketing (Communications) Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Newsletters & Publications
  • Certification Programs
  • Diversity & Equal Application of the Law
  • Presentation Skills and Media Management
  • Political Campaigns
  • Event Communications